About Andrew


We always see or feel something invisible, whenever we see anything at all, and most of the time we are completely unaware of this. It may be the emotion of the moment presenting the perspective, or it may be a sensational incline that inspires music or thought. For others it can be a visual filter that deepens hues, exaggerates saturation, or manifests patterns. For me, it’s mostly the contours of a landscape, any landscape, that continues to draw my line of sight and ring in my ears, and it is this that compels me to paint.


At the age of 33 I stopped trying to suppress the artist within me, and began my life as a landscape painter in the 21st century. Prior to this I had worked in urban planning and design, land-use management, education, environmental policy, social enterprise, and international relations. Despite having a high level of interest and a certain degree of passion in all of these areas, I have concluded that only through art do I possess the greatest potential to make an impact in all of these aspects of life, and I aspire to do so. This is truly my ambition, and time itself will be the judge of its success.

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